Authorization to Embalm

The Representative authorizes and directs New Orleans Funeral and Cremation Service, its employees, independent contractors and agents to care for, embalm, perform restorative measures and prepare the body of the Decedent. The Representative acknowledges that this authorization encompasses permission to embalm at the New Orleans Funeral and Cremation Service facility or at another licensed facility equipped for embalming, In providing this authorization, Representative acknowledges that embalming is not an exact science and that results may be adversely impacted by a number of factors, including, but not limited to, the conditions under which the death occurred; time lapse between death and the onset of the embalming procedure; physical conditions at the time of death; medications, especially analgesics administered prior to death; life-saving procedures; cause of death; storage procedures of the releasing institution; natural elements; tissue I organ donations; and post-mortem (autopsy) examinations.

If no authorization can be obtained, complete the following:

If Authorization to Embalm is DECLINED:

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